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Organize It! by Kathleen provides you with help for all of your organizational needs. We will work together to create a plan to bring order to your home & life so you can focus on the things that matter the most.


How It Works

  • The In-Home Consultation: I will spend 30 - 60 minutes in your home discussing the areas you want to work on. This includes evaluating the space & designing a plan to achieve results.

  • The Session: Once you are satisfied with your plan of action, we begin removing items from the space, deciding what to keep & what to toss and reorganizing what is left. Multiple sessions may be necessary to complete the project.

  • Inviting someone into your home can be disconcerting. I am here to help & encourage you to achieve your organizational goals in an honest, friendly & nonjudgmental manner. 


Areas of Organization

Whether you need a plan for closets & cabinets, rooms or your whole home, I have the knowledge and expertise to help you accomplish this task and have fun at the same time! Let me know what areas of your home or office need help.


Closet & Pantry Organization

Closets & pantries can be challenging because it is so easy to close the door and ignore the chaos! 

Organizing these areas involve clearing everything out of the space, decluttering & reorganizing what is left. The items that go back include only those things you will use or wear the most. 

Paper Management

Are piles of paper taking over your home or office? Do you need a filing system to help keep track of bills, school papers or important documents?

I can help you manage those piles by determining what to keep & creating a filing system that works so you can find what you need, when you need it.


Different life stages can be exciting yet overwhelming. Empty nesters & retirees often benefit by downsizing.

Downsizing a home requires decisions to keep only those items you need & value the most while deciding what to do with the rest. 

Moving & Merging Homes

Moving to a new home can be daunting when you realize how much you have accumulated over the years spent in your home. I can help you decide what to take with you and what to do with the rest.

Personal Assistant

No time to schedule your meetings or appointments? Need help responding to emails or other correspondence? I can help you with that and more so you can focus on other tasks.


Hourly or Package

Sessions can be booked at the hourly rate or by package.

In-Home Consultation


1 hour in-home visit to asses the space that needs help and develop an organizational plan to bring order to your home.

Hourly Service


2 hour minimum required. This option is for non-packaged sessions.

Half & Full Day Sessions

for smaller projects

  • 3 hour session to work on areas discussed at in-home consultation.            $135

  • 6 hour session to work on areas determined at in-home consultation.       $265

  • Both options can be combined with the in-home consultation.

Package Sessions

for larger projects

  • Session #1: 12 hours total     $550                      Four (4) 3-hr. sessions to work on areas determined during the in-home consultation.

  • Session #2: 24 hours total    $1025                        Eight (8) 3-hour sessions to work on areas determined during the in-home consultation.

  • Session #3: 36 hours total    $1475                Twelve (12) 3-hr. sessions to work on areas determined during the in-home consultation.

  • Sessions can be divided up between days or weeks to accommodate client's schedule.


A Little About Me

I'm Kathleen Reynolds, professional organizer and owner of Organize It! by Kathleen. I offer my services throughout the Lehigh Valley in Eastern PA. 

I am passionate about helping others take control of their clutter and finding the means to achieve an organized space.

I look forward to putting what I love to do into action for you!

Kathleen Reynolds is an elite professional organizer in the Nazareth, PA professional organizers directory on FindMyOrganizer.com.


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